The Ark

How excited are we to celebrate and be apart of The Ark at JFK! This facility is just what the doctor ordered!

The Ark provides both airside and landside services to board, kennel, quarantine, import, export and transport large and small animals. Additional services include transportation in dedicated climate controlled vehicles from aircraft, terminals, cargo facilities and other airport locations. The 178,000 square foot center will set new airport standards for comprehensive veterinary, kenneling and quarantine services.

A 20,000 square foot boarding center with kenneling and grooming services will be operated by Paradise 4 Paws, an award-winning companion animal boarding company that offers premier resorts for cats and dogs. In addition, a livestock export handling system designed by Professor Temple Grandin, the leading authority on livestock movement, will allow for the safe and efficient handling of cattle, goats, pigs and sheep from truck to aircraft. The Ark will also house an aviary for quarantine of imported birds.

The Ark is under construction at Building 78 at JFK, with 14.4 acres of surrounding ground area including large cargo aircraft ramp parking and land use for animal handling. It will be divided into three complementary sections: the air cargo facility, a central administrative and veterinary clinic building, and the animal handling center with pet boarding facility, veterinary clinic and diagnostic laboratory, animal import and export center, and livestock export handling system.

The $48 million project will create more than 150 jobs and garner the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey an estimated $108 million in rent over the span of the project’s 32-year lease.

Stay tuned as we bring you all of the updates regarding this facility! Our PetKids will never experience travel the same way again!