For The Love Of Horses

Photo by  Ron Eskins

Photo by Ron Eskins

By nature, human beings are animal lovers. It is innate in us to be emotionally attached to our pets more than our human friends do. Unlike their human counterpart, animals do not have the ability to communicate the way humans do, thus, no matter how much human beings rant, they lie down or sit still, silently and lazily paying their human counterpart curious glances. Animals too are capable of great love and loyalty for their masters, sometimes more than humans do.

Many animal lovers have fantastic stories to tell about friendships, adventures and tragedies that proved their pets' sacrificial love. The love that exists between pets and masters is surprisingly unbelievable but true owing to the fact that they have been featured in magazines and television programs. Famous celebrities, royalties and world leaders too have interesting encounters with their equally famous pets just like ordinary people do.

Hollywood actor Richard Gere, an active supporter of Chief Joseph Foundation, aimed at preserving cultural heritage among the Northwest tribes, was seen with his Appaloosas, a horse bred by the Nez Perce tribe. Gere's passion for horses is amazingly shown as he is away from the limelight, without an assistant to attend to his needs and most importantly, he is not portraying a role that a movie calls for but being in his true identity as one showing his craziness over horses.

Sexy star Angeline Jolie, famous for her controversial kissing scene with her brother and colorful family members, was captured kissing a horse while Carmen Electra modeled a gown on a horseback. Whether it is for real or not, in one way or the other, they have surely shown their fondness for horses.

Julia Roberts, on the other hand, spent several weeks in a nomadic family in Mongolia sampling the nomads' life having no amenities of modern and luxurious city living. Sharing a passion and skill for horses among the Mongolian people, she came to understand why horses are integral part of their nomadic life. It is so surprisingly unbelievable that stars that shine from the skies will descend just to be with horses.

The Royal Family has dozens of different horses for different purposes. Some horses are mounted on only during state ceremonies, others are for riding only while some priced strong breeds are groomed as racehorses. Since 1945, The Windsor Horse Show, which features show jumping, gymkhana games, and a wide variety of equestrian sportsmanship is celebrated annually. Royalties such as Queen Elizabeth's Stardust III and other horses won over 400 racing awards since her lifetime. Princess Anne, the most famous horsewoman among the royalties of her time, competed in the 1976 Olympics and won a silver medal.

Famous or unknown, rich or poor, black or white, the love that exists between horses and humans knows no bounds or colors. Whether it is now or in the near future, your horses deserve only the best that they can have through you because just like you, they have emotions.

There is an amazing trust that humans and horses seem to share and keep horses attached to their masters, thus it is only appropriate that horse stall fronts [] are built to allow them some degree of freedom to roam around. Moreover, a strategically situated horse water bucket [] will keep them from roaming afar searching for water or food during the hot summer season.

Greg Pierce