Andy Seliverstoff of Great Dane Chronicles Studio

In our next issue of Simply Pets Magazine we are delighted that we had the opportunity to speak to Andy Seliverstoff of Great Dane Chronicles Studio!

Here is a special look at some of what he shared with us-

What is your favorite picture that you have ever taken?
"In my opinion, some of the most successful pictures of this series are probably where the Harlequin Great Dane Leonella (she is, by the way, a granddaughter my one of my dogs) runs with a girl named Anna. The photos weren’t staged: The two played and did not pay attention to us at all. And it really succeeded in catching those eye-to-eye moments when you understand that this child and this dog do not need words to communicate with each other..."

We have a fabulous time interviewing Andy! Grab a subscription today to read the rest of his feature and see his incredible photos of Big dogs and little kids:)! You will be glad that you did!