Chicken Soup for your Dog!

Our friends over at have created a delicious Chicken Noodle soup recipe for your dog...after all they need comfort food too! 

Today we are showing you how to make Chicken Soup for dogs! Since the #Blizzard2016 has hit a lot of the United States, we thought we should show you how to make something warm and good and something you can share with your dogs!
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- Unseasoned Cooked Chicken
- 3 Carrots
- 1 Stalk of Celery
- 1 Sweet Potato
- Handful of Raw Green Beans
- 1 tsp of Chicken Base (NO ONION)
- Water
First you will need to cook the chicken.  I choose to use a Whole Fryer chicken and cook in in the slow cooker.  You can cook the chicken anyway you want, just remember not to add any seasonings!  While your chicken is cooking, you can prepare the rest of the soup. For our soup we chopped up the carrots, celery, sweet potato, and green beans, and placed them into our pot.  We covered them with water, and added 1 tsp of chicken base (this is optional, you don't need to do this).  While our Chicken was finishing, we put the pot of veggies on the stove to simmer on low for about 1 hour.  Once the chicken was done, we skimmed the fat off the top of the broth, and took about 1/2 a cup of the bone broth and added it to the veggie pot.  Then we shredded our chicken and added it to the soup!  That's it!  It really is that easy!  We use this as a food topper for our dogs.  We just scoop out the soup and pour it on their dog food.  The remaining soup can be stored in the fridge, or you can freeze it in small containers for use later!

If you love what Gone To The Dogs has posted please check out their website and you tube channel~! You will be glad that you did!