Good For Us Humans and Petkids Too!

You know you're not supposed to feed your dog chocolate, onions, grapes/raisins, macadamia nuts and avocados. You monitor for sensitivity to common food allergens such as meat, corn, wheat and soy.

But you're only human, and sometimes it's hard to resist your dog's sweet stare as he begs you with his eyes to share some of your delicious homo sapien cuisine. When you want to give him a treat from your table, do you know which "human" foods are safe to feed your pup?

To find the answer, we called upon Liz Palika, author of "The Ultimate Pet Food Guide," and animal nutritionist, Susan Lauten, PhD, of Pet Nutrition Consulting, to explain which fresh, frozen and canned foods people typically eat that are safe for dogs to consume too.

Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

byMary Kearl