Lipizzaner stallions ...did you know horses can be trained to attack?

stallion_lippsa horse-652957_1280.jpg

These are the famous Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Every single one of their dressage moves comes from training once used in combat.

At 1:10 the horse performs a maneuver intended to smash in the face of an enemy soldier behind him. And again at 1:28.

At 1:58 the horse performs a maneuver intended to force his way through a crowd and lash out at the soldiers in front of him with his forehooves. If you watch more Lipizzaner videos you will see more of these horses in action and can imagine how these moves could be used in war.

Modern police horses are not trained in these maneuvers for several reasons; primarily is that it takes years, and police forces are too impatient to wait years for a result when it’s easier just to buy another water cannon.