Do you ever wonder what the heck some people are thinking? Well, we do! Do you ever wish there was a book (coming soon) of little stories you could share with people and drop a subtle hint about how they should behave around your animals or better yet, those people who just let their pets do anything around you?

WELL, now there is... this section is dedicated to all of you that don't know exactly what to do or how to handle a situation... SEND US YOUR LETTERS or YOUR STORIES and we will share them or answer them if you have a problem you are looking to solve...just think that we are Ms. or Mr. Manners for Pets! 

EXAMPLE: You have a friend who loves birds, you love birds and you love food and they invite you over for dinner, no biggy because you two have dined before. BUT every time they have you over they let birdie fly around...not so bad right? Well, actually when it is dinner time it's no fun having birdie fly around and / or walk on the table while you are trying to dine....they last thing you need is Birdie leaving air delivers in your soup. Right? yeah, LOL we know, so - maybe during dinner keep Birdie on lock down, so there is no bobbing and weaving to make sure nothing stand between you and that delcious soup! NOW THAT'S PETETIQUETTE! 


Okay! If you have a story, question or... send it to us right away...MS. Petetiquette will get back to you right away!

*to submit- go to our contact page and put "Ms. Petetiquette" in the subject line!

~Team Petetiquette