Why Do We Love Our Pets So Much and Include Them In Our Lifestyle?

By our friends at RSPCA Australia

Why we need pets

Pets. They’re everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They’re kind of like humans, different in every way of course, but still kind of like us. The RSPCA Australia estimate there to be 33 million (33,000,000) pets in Australia, with 63% of Australian households owning a kind of pet. And that’s not even counting inanimate or imaginary pets, yes, they count in my book.

So yeah, pets are popular. But what does that have to do with anything? And furthermore what do pets have to do with anything? To answer those question we must delve deep into the world of helpful and needed pets. The guide dogs organisation has paired up nearly 25,000 dogs to blind or vision impaired people and because of these dogs vision impaired can go places they never thought they could go because of their sight. A blind graduate of the Seeing Eye Company quotes:

 “Although I have lost my sight, with the help of the angel who walks on my left side, I have regained my vision. She has not only guided my footsteps, she has guided my heart, my mind and my spirit.”

This quote not only proves the helpfulness of the guide dogs, it proves the closeness that people - vision impaired or not - can feel for a pet.

Still on the subject of helpfulness, there are numerous amounts of pets in the universe that can help human beings, for instance gun dogs. There are over 30 breeds of specialised gun dogs in Australia alone, all helping human beings to hunt and collect their kills. For a less disgusting view on things, think about horses and ponies. They carry human beings long distances without complaint, most of the time. Horses can also do a lot of other things, like performing, they can jump, trot, race and capriole all for us. All animals can be helpful, those who don’t like cats can start thinking about their helpfulness in keeping pests away, seriously, anyone who does not think animals and pets are helpful can check out this video:

Adorable might be one of the words that comes to mind when you think of pets, and rightfully so, some dogs, cats, birds and, well anything, are actually the cutest thing in the world. These kind of pets can be sweeter than a gummy bear on a spring day and can defiantly make anyone smile. Yes, you’ll probably want to take them home buy did you know that pets in general can cause stress relief? Everyone has different perceptions of cute, but what’s cute to you will defiantly lower your stress levels after a long day. Of course, someone had to realise the potential of stress reliving pets, so now some pets (mainly dogs) are allowed in courts to comfort people with traumatic trials. Kitten therapy is also now very popular, to see a video of this click here:

Helpfulness, stress relieving abilities, adorableness… pets have it all don’t you think? Yes I think the world needs pets, if we didn’t have pets we’d be in crisis, so much stress in the world we wouldn’t be able to cope. But we saw the potential, and absolute cuteness, in having pets and domesticated animals. Watching pets and people together soothes the heart and soul and having a pet can help a whole lot more. They’re fun to play with and can make anyone, anywhere smile, and that’s why we need them. They can help people have hope, and that’s why we need them. You can’t count all the reasons we need them, and that’s why we need them.