Are You Letting Your Comfort Stand In The Way Of Your Happiness?

Photo By  John Mason  

Photo By John Mason 

What situation would you rather be in, a situation where you were comfortable, or a situation where you were happy? Can you tell the difference between being comfortable and being happy? What situation are you in right now, are you in a situation where you are comfortable, or are you in a situation where you are happy?

I have been in both situations, as I'm sure that you have too, and I can say unequivocally and without a shadow of a doubt that I would rather be happy than comfortable on any given day.

Comfort is something that you settle into, like settling down in your favourite armchair and your favourite old slippers. It doesn't matter that they have both seen better days and appear battle worn, all that matters is that you find them to be extremely comfortable.

Happiness is something you make a concerted effort to achieve, you go out of your way for happiness, you do things that make you happy, no one "settles" for being happy, happy is something that you strive to achieve. I can truthfully say that in all my years on Gods good earth, I have never met anyone who told me they were tired of being happy and wanted more than being happy, I can assure you that nearly every person that I meet who is comfortable, wants to be happy, but they are too scared to step out of the comfort zone they have settled into and strive to make themselves happy, it's pretty sad really isn't it?

Are you letting your comfort stand in the way of your happiness? Are you guilty of settling for comfort instead of striving for happiness? Would you rather have the mundane, safety blanket of comfort, or would you rather have the never-ending lure of happiness? I know which one I would rather have, that's for sure.

You could be earning in excess of $2oo,000 per year, hate your job, but be glad of the comfortable lifestyle that it affords you, and still not be happy, or you could be earning $25,000 per year, struggling to make ends meet, but be happy because you really enjoy your job.

You could be in a relationship that you used to be extremely happy in, but now you are just comfortable, and far from happy. I want you to think back to the start of the relationship, the first 90 days where you were extremely happy, now look at where you are now, look what you have settled for as opposed to what you used to have.

The reason that you settle for a life of comfort, is because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of people thinking that there is something wrong with you.

Single women past the age of 30 know how very difficult it is to go back out there into the dating world, their maternal clock is ticking, they have dated virtually every type of douche-bag out there and they desperately don't want to be on their own, so they settle for the first half-decent man that comes along and who meets their now "not" so stringent criteria.

The problem with this scenario is that due to the fact that they settled for, rather than strived for, there is a distinct lack of passion, they can take it or leave it, and I can assure you that is not the way to make yourself happy.

Single men past the age of 35 are in the same boat, for all intents and purposes, they should have been married by now, some of them have been married before and are on their 2nd and 3rd marriage. They too are guilty of the crime of settling for comfort, they stop looking for Mrs right, and settle down with Mrs right now, this only leads to trouble further down the road, when a few more years have gone past, a few more pounds have settled on the midriff and then when the relationship breaks down, they are back where they started, looking for another Mrs right now, instead of another Mrs right.

It might not seem like it right now, but it is better to strive for happiness than to settle for comfort, when you settle for comfort, time moves away from you, it takes you away from the life that you could possibly be living and instead moves you towards a life of comfort. You wake up one day and realise that you have wasted a large percentage of your life in your comfort zone, in the zone that allows you to get by without too much of a struggle. You think back to the last time that you were happy, you can't even remember, you no longer even do the things that used to make you happy, that should be all you need to know really shouldn't it?

Stop settling for a life of comfort, you do not know how many more tomorrows you have left, strive to do the things that make you happy, spend time with the people who make you happy, think about things that make you happy, find someone special who makes you happy, and when that fateful day comes when you have finally ran out of tomorrows, you will be too happy to even notice it.

By Sean M Mantack

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