Pros of pet Boarding and In Home Pet Sitting, Now You Choose!

Photo By  Deborah

Photo By Deborah

"Should I leave my pet at a boarding facility or should I have someone come to my home and take care of my pet?"

The answer to this question totally depends on you and your pet's life style. Some pet owner's feel more comfortable knowing that they left their pet at a pet boarding facility so that their furry friend is in a secured facility. Others prefer their pet stays at their home and can sleep in their own bed! You need to consider all your options to make a conscientious decision, especially because it involves your furry family members! I know that I am biased since I offer in-home pet sitting for my clients, it is a no brainer for me.

But, lets look at both options and then you can really decide on which choice suits you and your pet's needs the best.

Pet Boarding:


  • Attention from the staff at the facility
  • Peace of mind that your pet(s) are being supervised
  • Some kind of socialization with other pets (possibly)
  • Short walks for dogs (usually 10 minutes at a time)
  • More cost effective for 1 pet


In-Home Pet Sitting:


  • Personalized 1-on-1 attention for your pet(s)
  • Peace of mind that your pet is at home in his/her familiar environment
  • Longer walks for dogs (usually 30 min-1 hour) if requested
  • Daily updates from your pet sitter with photos
  • Your pet sitter can come anywhere from 1-3 times a day if needed
  • Customizable services
  • More cost effective for 2 or more pets


These are a short list of benefits for both options. I know that our dog Addison, would not do well in a boarding situation because she is quite timid around other dogs but, really blossoms around other humans. Whenever my family goes out of town we have a pet sitter come to our home to feed Addison, give her fresh water, play with her etc. We have a dog walker that comes to walk her as well when I am busy with my own pet clients. Addison is a 65 lb labradoodle so, she likes to enjoy her space and her bed. I appreciate the fact that I get to come home and see her happy face right away!

Please share your personal experience with pet boarding or in-home pet sitting with us! Your opinion is valuable to us. We are always looking to improve our business. If there is something you think I missed in the article I would love to hear from you as well!

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By Jacklyne Tesoro 

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