Dress 'em Up!

Photo By  Mike McCune

Photo By Mike McCune

Pet Costumes - How To Get The Most Out Of Dress Ups For Your Dog

It's not something you see every day in your supermarket or pet store, but there are costume retailers out there catering to man's best friends and taking care of their fancy dress needs. Unless you've been living in a cave for the last 10 years I'm sure you'll immediately turn to the World Wide Web as a veritable treasure trove in terms of finding the perfect pooch accessory.

Choosing a pet costume

First you should decide whether your dog is dressing up to match your theme/costume, or taking an outfit independent of your group. Some famous cartoon families have their own pet, which is perfect if you're trying for authenticity. Take Fred Flintstone, for example, he and his wife Wilma and daughter Pebbles live with a pet dinosaur called Dino, which can easily be played by a dog of any size in your re-enactment! Superman and Supergirl would no doubt have a Super Dog as a pet, right? You can see how treating your pet like one of the family in a costuming theme could enhance the effect of your own dress-ups and make a spectacular impression at these fun events. You might even have to watch out for the Paw-parrazzi!

How do I choose a size?

The measurements used to fit a dog to a costume are the length of the dog from the neck (collar) to Tail (back of the dogs body), and chest circumference, just behind his front legs. Don't forget that some styles of costume have more flexible sizing than others. Also the styles can be better suited to different breeds - for example a costume where the greatest detail is on the dog's chest will be more effective on a large breed where the chest is more visible, where those which cover the dogs back will be striking on small dogs and big ones.

Your dog's personality can also be a factor in choosing the perfect pet costume.

If your Pomeranian is a flirty little miss who loves attention, she might suit a Harem Girl pet costume. Your strong Staffordshire terrier could pull off a perfect Superman pet costume. A Mouse pet costume could be ideal for a timid little Chihuahua... and of course your mischievous Labrador pup might need a Prisoner pet costume to show just what a Bad Dog he is!

Whatever the occasion, whatever the breed, your dog can join in the fun and get dressed up with the best of them. After all, they're usually part of the family too!

Emma Rose