We Live Our Lives With Our PetKids By Our Sides.

SOME of our lives are on the run, others stay at home. Some are young and some are old. Many are different hues of the rainbow, but ALL of us have one thing in common, we love our “PetKids” as they are, and they’re a vital and beloved members of our home!

We aim to please you, so join us. Simply Pets Magazine is not a pet magazine … no, no, no that is not us. We’re a lifestyle magazine for people who just love animals, fantastic photos, and exciting stories and so much more. We hope our website will give you a "touch" of who we are and what we are all about. If our website resonates with you, come along with us bimonthly by ordering your very own subscription (details on link above) to the Simply Pets Magazine with exclusive content just for you!.



OUR MISSION is to embrace the lifestyles you lead with your “PetKid” and enhance it by sharing the ways we can assist you in making it better.  

With award winning journalists and photojournalists from all over the world, our experts and peer to peer sharing, we’ll guide you through topics ranging from health, travel, manners, legal, lifestyle and more.  

Imagine the places we’ll go and the stories we’ll tell…the articles you’ll read and the pictures in every issue that will inspire you to Laugh, Share and Play!

OUR PROMISE to you is to always do our best to earn your trust, respect and loyalty so that every time you see or hear the brand Simply Pets, you’ll feel like you’re home! A place like no other and always a place you look forward to seeing like an old friend. One who knows you, will listen to you and is always there for you!

Let's Go...

OUR stories are what inspires us to share who we are and where we come from. Our stories make us laugh, share and play. Our stories are from folks just like you. Our stories are from the heart, but inspire the mind, body and soul!  Simply Pets Magazine is a lifestyle magazine. What does that mean? To put it "simply" it's a magazine about you and for you – and interactively – by you! Of the places we will travel and the people, “PetParents” and “PetKids” we will meet.  Find out how you too can share your story and lifestyle with us at the link above. For now, grab that cup of coffee/tea or whatever your favorite beverage, and sit back, relax and snuggle with your “PetKid(s)” and enjoy what you are about to take in!  The Simply Pets team is here for you...ALL systems go!