BOCKER and Marie Shelto

This post is in honor of one of the most wonderful people and Petkid 's that we here at Simply Pets Magazine has ever known...with ALL our love!

It is with a heavy heart, but also full of joy that we can celebrate the life and death/ angle wings as we like to call them for Bocker and his mother Marie!

Please join us in celebrating and honoring Bocker's life and sending our heartfelt love to Marie! After reading more of the information below, you can contribute to a fund to assist Marie in keeping Bocker's love continuing for years to come.

(Following ewords by Marie Shelto) Bocker the Labradoodle started his next journey at the Rainbow Bridge 8/31/16.  Bocker did so much for so many, working with children, those with life challenges, rescue organizations that we want to continue spreading his love.

I know he will continue to do this through his spirit which will live on. So much can and will be done in Bocker's name. We will continue to help raise awareness to help cure pet cancer through our work with Animal Cancer Foundation, help get stronger laws passed to protect all animals through NYS Animal Advocacy Day and help our friends at rescue organizations find loving homes through adoption. 

 Raising money to help pay his final medical bills but then to disperse money raised to a number of organizations close to Bocker's heart.  Bocker's love will live on and love and smiles will continue to be spread in his name.

All I am asking is that you carry on what Bocker wanted most. Bring Smiles and Be Kind. Do what you feel is right to honor Bocker.
If you would like to make a donation, do so in his name to your favorite charity or to one of the links we have set up.

To donate to our Go Fund Me, where we want to pay thanks to various groups that were important to ...Bocker and to help pay some medical bills:
To donate directly to Animal Cancer Foundation, please do so at: