Thermo Bed for Dogs

Introducing the Thermo-Bed, a dual thermostats doggie bed to maintain the temperature at a comfy cozy 102°F, the high end of the normal canine body temp. Generally speaking, that’s a good 15 or 20 degrees above the air temperature in winter. The heater can be removed so you can wash the cotton cover, which I like. The cord has a white plastic cover to avoid chewing mishaps, but I still wouldn’t let a mouthy puppy use any heated bed with an electrical cord.

The dogs weigh in: Unbelievably, arthritic old Fred preferred his regular bean bag snuggle bed to any of the heated ones (what a creature of habit). He just didn’t want to have squat to do with them. Go figure. Ginger liked the Thermo-Bed, as did the cat.

Cost: high