Top Pet Tracking Devices for Dogs and Cats

Are you afraid of losing your pet? Do you fear compromising their health? Every pet owner does! The hush-rush life and the increasing incidences of animal theft and killing have made it imperative for the pet owners to opt for devices that can go beyond geographical boundaries and physical reach to keep a track on their pets all the time...

For ALL the fish lovers.... AquaVista 500 may be right for you?

Bring any room to life with the AquaVista 500, a patented, award-winning wall-mounted aquarium that hangs like a framed picture. Ideal for fresh water tropical fish and equipped for saltwater environment, the self-contained AquaVista 500 is space-saving and hangs anywhere you can hang a painting. The Aquavista 500 is an aquarium for people who enjoy live tropical fish but do not have the time norspace to maintain a fish tank.


The Aquavista 500 is the most cost-effective and aesthetic design solution for any home or office, and its quality and sleek design is unsurpassed in the industry.

StemCell right for your Petkid?

PetStem breathes new life into animals—literally. The veterinary staff are experts in reducing your pet’s pain and helping heal the cause without the use of potentially harmful medications.

As the first and only location in Southern California dedicated to stem cell treatment for animals, the groundbreaking clinic has just opened for business in Los Angeles at 11311 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, CA 91604. It’s already changing the lives of both pets and their owners, living up to its motto “Their Cells Their Cure” in the process.

PetStem offers revolutionary stem cell therapy for animals suffering from a number of debilitating conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint injury, loose or chronically sore joints and hip dysplasia.


Voyce ? Yours, mine and theirs...

More than an activity tracker. It's a life changer™.

The Voyce Health Monitor was developed in collaboration with biomedical engineers, veterinary experts and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Using non-invasive sensors and exclusive patented technology, it gathers vital health information about your dog. In addition to robust activity metrics, the patented Voyce Monitor tracks resting heart and respiratory rates - key indicators to help detect health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of your dog.