Voyce ? Yours, mine and theirs...

More than an activity tracker. It's a life changer™.

The Voyce Health Monitor was developed in collaboration with biomedical engineers, veterinary experts and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Using non-invasive sensors and exclusive patented technology, it gathers vital health information about your dog. In addition to robust activity metrics, the patented Voyce Monitor tracks resting heart and respiratory rates - key indicators to help detect health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of your dog.

Know more.
Act sooner.

What you'll access in the Voyce Wellness Management Center empowers you to provide the most informed, proactive care - it isn't just data for data's sake. Voyce creates a vital sign baseline for your dog so you and your vet can readily detect and address changes in health and behavior. Manage your dog's health by settings goals and accessing advice from pet experts, tailored specifically to you and your dog.