For ALL the fish lovers.... AquaVista 500 may be right for you?

AquaVista 500 Computerized Fish Tank

Ever wanted a tropical fish tank, but didn't have time for all of the maintenance that goes into keeping one? The AquaVista 500 has an embedded LCD panel that allows you to control and monitor filtration, temperature, oxygen, and lighting. All of the aquarium technology is built right into the system, so you don't need to worry about hassling with a complex setup or buying extra parts. Measuring 26 by 26 by 4 inches, the AquaVista 500 hangs on your wall like a painting or a flat-screen TV. The time you need to spend on regular maintenance for freshwater tropical fish is as low as 15 minutes a month; saltwater fish require about 10 minutes of attention per week.

How it works:

The Aquavista is completely pre-assembled and comes with everything you need to take care of a healthy aquarium. Imagine a beautiful wall-mounted aquarium that is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance.
The AV500 is pre-assembled and includes:

  • Complete wet-dry filtration system
  • 100W heater
  • Air pump
  • Specially designed overhead lighting system
  • LCD control panel with automatic clock/timer and thermostat
  • Specially treated changeable 3D marine background
  • Changeable contemporary picture frame
  • Key Aquatic Accessories


All key aquatic accessories are included with your purchase. Just add fish!

  • Custom steel easy mounting wall bracket
  • Water Siphon
  • Fish Net
  • Extendable Algae Scraper
  • Extendable Claw
  • Acrylic cleaning cloth
  • Porcelain Bio-balls
  • Aquarium gravel
  • Extra filtration sponges