What We Do

We are at the forefront of the lifestyle movement that you lead with your Petkid!

Simply Pets Magazine is all about the love! The love of life and the love that we have for our pets...our family!

We at Simply Pets Magazine are on a mission to inspire people who believe in a love of pets and want to support us in creating a magazine that will do and inspire the same...a love of life with your furry companions! This collaborative and modern take on animal-loving lifestyles will showcase trends, best practices, documentaries, nutritional experts and more, to elevate life and experiences for YOU and YOUR pets! We believe that we can rally the support troops and make this campaign a reality.

That’s us…Simply Pets Magazine. a lifestyle magazine for the humans that love pets….starring YOU, YOUR pets, and many other amazing animals on this wonderful planet who call it home.


Our Mission

Our mission is to embrace the lifestyles you lead with your Petkid and enhance it by sharing the ways we can assist you in making it better.  

With award winning journalists and photojournalists from all over the world, our experts and peer to peer sharing, will guide you through topics ranging from health, travel, manners, legal and lifestyle just to mention a few.

 Imagine the places we’ll go and the stories we’ll tell…the articles you’ll read and pictures in every issue that will inspire you to Laugh, share and play!