Gary Kaskel ~ In his own words...

We are so pleased and honored that Gary Kaskel sat down and took the time to speak with the Founder of Simply Pets Magazine and the Host of Simply Pets Radio, Lisa Smith Putnam. Gary is also Simply Pets Magazine's Co-Person of the month along with Mr. Henry Bergh.

Gary Kaskel~ Filmmaker and Author

Gary Kaskel~ Filmmaker and Author

Gary (not only a filmmaker and animal advocate himself) wrote the wonderful book Monsters & Miracles. Please do not let the title scare you from what will surely be a fantastic read about something very dear to our hearts...ANIMALS! Gary Kaskel wrote a biographical novel about Henry Bergh. You don't recognize the name? Don't worry, we did not either at first, but we are so glad we do now. Henry Bergh, a pioneer of social reform on two fronts more than a century ago: the abuse of animals and the abuse of children.

Enjoy this small snippet about the life and times of Henry Bergh from Mr. Gary his own words.

FULL interview with Mr. Kaskel can be found on Simply Pets Radio